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**For information on parts, service, or warranty please contact the manufacturer directly at (866) 543-2437

Liebherr Built-In Refrigeration

24" Full Refrigerator
ri 1410 r 1410
24" BioFresh Refrigerator
rbi 1410 rb 1410
24" BioFresh Refrigerator & Freezer
bfi 1061 bf 1061
24" 2 Temp. Zone Wine Cabinet & Freezer
wfi 1061 wf 1061
24" Full Freezer
fi 1051 f 1051
30" Refrigerator & Freezer
c 1601 c 1650 c 1651 ci 1601 ci 1650 ci 1651
48" Side-by-Side, 3 Temp.Zones
SBS 24i3 SBS 243 SBS 24i1
48" Side-by-Side 4 Temp. Zones
sbs 244 sbs 24i4
48" Side-by-Side, 5 Temp.Zones
SBS 24i6

The Built-in Advantage

Digital Temperature Control. Thanks to precise electronic controls and clearly arranged function keys, the units are simple and easy to operate. The elegant and exact MagicEye control keeps the temperature at the level you select. The SuperCool function reduces the temperature of the refrigerator to +36 F (+2 C) for 6 hours. This is ideal for chilling fresh food quickly. In the freezer, the automatic SuperFrost function ensures that the vitamins in food are optimally preserved when frozen. It quickly reduces the temperature in your freezer to as low as 26 F (32 C) so you can freeze fresh food quickly and carefully.

Drawers on telescopic rails. Vitamin-rich foods can be conveniently stored in spacious fruit and vegetable, or even BioFresh drawers. The transparent sliding drawers pull out on smooth telescopic rails.

Duo Cooling System. Ice-cold air circulates around the frozen foods, freezing it quickly and in a manner that seals in vitamins. Air moisture is discharged from the freezing area. Ice does not form in the appliance and defrosting is unnecessary. The cooling unit generates its own cold air with a separate device. No air is exchanged between the refrigerator and freezer sections. This keeps odors from becoming mixed, and foods stored in the refrigerator section are kept from drying out. Gallon Holder. The elegant GlassLine fittings of Liebherr units also provide door storage shelves with a Gallon Holder. The depth of these shelves is designed to hold gallon containers so that you can keep a large supply of milk or juice on hand.

Automatic IceMaker. Liebherr’s IceMaker, which is permanently plumbed in, provides you with just the right supply of perfect ice cubes for every occasion. The two drawers will hold all the ice you’ll need. The IceMaker automatically keeps your supplies topped up.

Water filter. In our built-in appliances, the integrated water filter for the IceMaker is conveniently located behind the magnetic toe kick, allowing for quick filter changes when indicated by the electronic control panel. This activated carbon filter ensures pure water to produce fresh cubes.

The SoftSystem feature provides added safety and convenience. Integrated in the door, the SoftSystem cushions movement when the door is closed. This SoftSystem ensures that the door closes gently even when fully loaded. The door closes automatically from an opening angle of approximately 45 º.

Beverage Rack. The Beverage Rack is especially practical, providing maximized space for cans and bottles without taking up valuable shelf space